The Art and Photography of Mo Devlin | Frozen Flowers Explained

So What Am I Looking At?

I photograph frozen flowers.  Simply put it's flowers that have been frozen in blocks of ice....usually completely...sometimes partially.

It's a two-step process.  The first step is actually creating the ice.  It sounds simple, but the actual science behind the freezing is both interesting and beautiful in it's simplicity.  Most importantly, it gives the ice a unique and beautiful background for the flower inside.

When organic material is placed in the liquid it is at room temperature.  As it begins to cool, the molecules in the liquid begin to slow down making the water increasingly dense.  At about thirty-nine degrees, the water is as dense as it's going to be without being solid.  At that point the flower is being squeezed causing what's inside to be exuded outside and to the surface of the plant.

From thirty-nine degrees to freezing, the properties of ice reverse direction and begin expanding.  As the ice continues to freeze solid, it drags the bubbles from the surface and outward, creating the beautiful crystal like ice trailers that giving each photograph a unique and beautiful appearance.

Over the past two years I have taken close to two thousand published photos of my frozen flowers.  Through trial and error....and a lot of ice and flowers...I've developed my freezing skills to capture a variety of different effects.  But as in most things with nature and science, beauty often comes unexpectedly. So I shoot the photo I want first, the photo that I need next and finally I take the photo that I never expected.  That last photo is generally the best.

I hope that my art moves you.  I hope that each and every one sees something different...feels something different.  And most importantly, I hope looking at them gives you as much pleasure as it does me when I photograph them.


                 Mo Devlin