Greetings and welcome to my obsession. I'll tell anyone that will listen that photography is my Valium. When I lay my hands on my camera, my mind goes somewhere else and all I can see is what's through the view finder.

My interests in photography started in 1973 when I joined the U.S. Army as a photo journalist. Since then it has blossomed and grown into a very integral part of my life. And while my interests vary in subject, I continually find myself being drawn into new and exciting avenues of opportunity...expanding what I photograph.

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A fan of all photography, Mo continues to experiment and push his creative core.  For over fifty years, Mo has enjoyed a wide variety of photographic paths. He is known internationally for both his aquatic photography ( and images of frozen flowers. 

Several years ago, he started photographing frozen flowers.  It started off by accident and quickly turned into an obsession.  To date he has created over 2000 frozen flower photos which are all featured here. 

Another passion is finding beauty in deterioration. Mo's high dynamic range photos of rust showcases the beauty with vivid colors and detail.

His goal with with all of his photography is to create photos that not only showcase the subject in front of the camera, but also capture the image in a unique layout and design that stimulates the imagination.

Devlin’s is known internationally for his photography and is published regularly in several hobby magazines both in the USA and throughout the world.  His work has been installed on the Royal Caribbean’s “Symphony of the Seas”, the Berlin Opera House and in the Atlanta Financial Center to name a few.

About his work he says,” When people look at one of my photos, they see something that isn’t ordinary. I always hope that my art moves the viewer on the inside.”


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Guestbook for The Art and Photography of Mo Devlin
Your pictures are AMAZING! It was so nice meeting you this morning down around 106th street in Stone Harbor. Can’t wait to see your pictures you took!
Gillian Crow(non-registered)
Great website! Very proud of you and love you very much!
SHEILA MCILWAIN(non-registered)
Beautiful photography. I saw some of your images at a restaurant today so decided to look you up.
Linda C Troski(non-registered)
wonderful , I hope you send out notice of updates
lia flemings(non-registered)
Congratulations for your wonderful photography. I love the structure, the transparency en the perfect eye for making a supershot. Thank you for sharing.