Trully exceptionnal work. So captivating and original.

Congratulations !
Your Work Has inspired me to work with flowers in my photography, your work is very captivating.
75.Warren Janyk(non-registered)
Your work is inspiring........ it was a joy to look at the photos............
73.Jean McKinstry(non-registered)
I hopped to you from ClicknCamera, stunningly beautiful in colour and design. I am inspired to try the frozen flowers, and we all have to start somewhere, and no better than with you as an inspiration. Is this method a copyright one? I would not like to try if you have it for your personal use only. Regards, Jean in New Zealand.
http://www.fashionforplay.com Just make sure you do keep up the level of interest and passion that you show now, because if you do, this is going to change your life in a good way to the next level. I hope to see some more improvements in you.
53.Marilyn Feldman(non-registered)
Your opening at Friedman Gallery was awesome!! I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your exquisite photography!
Beautiful. Just saw you on the news for the McDonald Art Gallery.

Looked up your FB page also. Stunning photography.
51.Rose& Tony Orso(non-registered)
A true talent!
50.Sandra Humphries(non-registered)
Your photographs of frozen flowers are superb. Some years ago one of our club members did this but the images were not very impressive. Yours, however, have inspired me to try my hand. They are real art. I am a very keen flower photographer and am always trying to find new ways to present them.
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