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Greetings and welcome to my obsession. I'll tell anyone that will listen that photography is my Valium. When I lay my hands on my camera, my mind goes somewhere else and all I can see is what's through the view finder.

My interests in photography started in 1973 when I joined the U.S. Army as a photo journalist. Since then it has blossomed and grown into a very integral part of my life. And while my interests vary in subject, I continually find myself being drawn into new and exciting avenues of opportunity...expanding what I photograph.

I hope you will enjoy my work. I encourage you to sign the guestbook, and of course, look for my various fan pages on Facebook:



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Frozen Flowers

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Frozen Flowers

Guestbook for The Art and Photography of Mo Devlin
73.Jean McKinstry(non-registered)
I hopped to you from ClicknCamera, stunningly beautiful in colour and design. I am inspired to try the frozen flowers, and we all have to start somewhere, and no better than with you as an inspiration. Is this method a copyright one? I would not like to try if you have it for your personal use only. Regards, Jean in New Zealand.
54.Phillua(non-registered) Just make sure you do keep up the level of interest and passion that you show now, because if you do, this is going to change your life in a good way to the next level. I hope to see some more improvements in you.
53.Marilyn Feldman(non-registered)
Your opening at Friedman Gallery was awesome!! I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your exquisite photography!
Beautiful. Just saw you on the news for the McDonald Art Gallery.

Looked up your FB page also. Stunning photography.
51.Rose& Tony Orso(non-registered)
A true talent!
The guestbook is empty.